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Reusable treat bags for:
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Russbe Waste-Free, Reusable Lunch Containers

Based in California, Russbe is dedicated to helping families encourage nutrition and healthy living while doing their part to protect the environment. We do this through our environmentally friendly lunch containers, which are free of BPA, PVC, latex and phthalates. These colorful, convenient, lunch containers add an element of fun to meal time and make meal prepping easy and mess-free! Choose from our colorful, cute baggies or keep portions separate and fresh in our bento-style boxes.

Whether it’s a meal or a quick snack, environmental lunch containers from Russbe are the perfect way to reduce your carbon footprint and eat healthy, fresh food. Teach your kids the importance of being waste-free and give them a fun way to enjoy their lunches and snacks with Russbe bags and containers!

Perfect Seal Bentos


Meal-prep made easy

Pack soups, stews, and other liquid favorites for lunch with peace of mind. Our Perfect Seal Bentos come with a clear spill-proof lid, making meal-prep a breeze! Pack your favorite foods for the week and simply grab and go each morning. Not only are our bentos microwave safe, they can also be thrown in the dishwasher—making cleanup super-easy!

Stack + Chill Pak Bentos

Stack + chill pak bentos

Well-balanced meals at just the right temperature

Health-conscious moms and dads will appreciate our Stack + Chill Pak Bentos with multiple compartments and included utensils. Foods stay fresh all day thanks to the included gel ice pack. And when it’s time to dine, just warm up your meal in the microwave, and enjoy right out of the box! As with all of Russbe’s innovative containers, the Stack + Chill Pak Bento is durable and dishwasher-safe.

Snack & Sandwich Bags


Washable, durable, and completely reusable!

Just like all Russbe products, our stylish snack and sandwich bags are resilient and reusable. Along with our trendy, fun prints, these bags are durable with reinforced seams and a locking seal to keep your family’s foods fresh. Our gusseted, standup design ensures a mess-free snack/meal experience. And because our eco-friendly bags are completely free of BPA, PVC, latex, and phthalates, you can snack happy, knowing you’re making a healthy choice for you and your on-the-go family.

Snack & Kid Bentos


Stackable, fun, and perfect for snacks on-the-go

This duo of stackable containers is the perfect solution for between-meal snacks. With an included spork, this microwave and dishwasher-safe mini bento is ideal for toting in diaper bags, gym bags, purses, lunch bags, or briefcases for a quick and easy snack on-the-go.

Reuse-a-pop Treat Bags


A simple solution for creative, mess-free snacks

These reusable and versatile bags are perfect for creating your own frozen juice pops, fruit and yogurt smoothies and other fun-filled treats. Ideal for after-school snacks or parties, our durable, freezer-safe REUSE-A-POP bags allow you and your family to experiment with creative flavor combinations. The zipper seal ensures worry-free creating with no messy leaks or spills. Use the built-in label to write your REUSE-A-POP flavor and date on each easy-to-clean bag. This convenient design is also perfect for toting nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, granola, or cereal.